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Figure 2.

Types of processing and structure of grains, sugars, and starches. A major research and policy gap is the absence of one accepted taxonomy to define whole grains or carbohydrate quality that incorporates their various characteristics that can influence cardiometabolic health, including extent of processing, food structure, dietary fiber content, content of bran and germ, and glycemic response to ingestion. This Figure presents a proposed taxonomy to integrate these various characteristics. Types of foods with evidence for cardiometabolic benefits are shaded green, and those with evidence for adverse cardiometabolic effects are shaded red. Intact and minimally processed whole grains (darker green; ie, greater benefits) may plausibly have greater benefits than milled whole grains (lighter green; ie, lesser benefits) because of intact food structure and lower glycemic response; refined sugars in liquid form (darkest red, ie, greatest harms) may have greater adverse effects than refined grains, starches, and sugars (lighter red; ie, lesser harms) because of particularly unfavorable effects on satiety and weight gain. Both simple and complex refined carbohydrates induce similarly high glycemic responses following ingestion and, in amounts typically consumed in Western diets, induce de novo lipogenesis in the liver, ie, the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. Compared to glucose, fructose produces smaller blood glycemic responses but more strongly stimulates de novo lipogenesis, Animal-experimental and limited human studies suggest that fructose, which represents about half of all sugars in refined sugars such as either high frucose corn syrup or sucrose (eg, cane sugar, beet sugar), may have additional adverse effects on hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance. Corn provides reasonable fiber and modestly lower glycemic responses than many types of potatoes. Yams and sweet potatoes are not included herein because of higher nutrient contents and lower glycemic responses to ingestion.

In RCTs, consumption of whole grains improves glucose-insulin homeostasis and endothelial function and possibly reduces inflammation and improves weight loss. 34 , Clarks Laureti Pearl Ankle Strap Womens rylb67j
, Johnston amp; MurphyClara vE3qWxjx2
Consumption of whole grain oats reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol without reducing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol or raising triglycerides. 37 Consistent with physiological benefits, greater whole grain consumption is associated with lower incidence of CHD, DM, and possibly stroke ( Steve Madden Ellen ucRu0s
). The higher dietary fiber in whole grains contributes to these benefits. In RCTs, increased dietary fiber reduces serum triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, and BP. Rockport Cayleb Penny xKgeUQ6xUB
, 32
Emerging evidence supports additional independent contributions to health from other characteristics of whole grains, including slower digestion (lower glycemic responses) and higher content of minerals, phytochemicals, and fatty acids. 16 , 17 Thus, similar to fruits and vegetables, health effects of whole grains may result from synergistic effects of multiple constituents that are unlikely to be matched by supplemental fiber alone, added bran, or isolated micronutrients, as well as from dietary substitution for more highly refined/processed carbohydrates and starches that may themselves induce adverse cardiometabolic effects (see “Carbohydrate Amount and Quality”).

You can optionally exclude hosts or ranges from going through the proxy server by setting a noProxy key to one or more comma-separated IP addresses or hosts. Using the * character as a wildcard is supported, as shown in this example.

Save the file.

When you create or start new containers, the environment variables will be set automatically within the container.

When you build the image, or using the --env flag when you create or run the container, you can set one or more of the following variables to the appropriate value. This method makes the image less portable, so if you have Docker 17.07 or higher, you should Demonia Cramps 200 Boot Womens YGKxckUq

Before Docker included user-defined networks, you could use the Docker --link feature to allow a container to resolve another container’s name to an IP address, and also give it access to the linked container’s environment variables. Where possible, you should avoid using the legacy --link flag.

When you create links, they behave differently when you use the default bridge network or when you use user-defined bridge networks. For more information, see Legacy Links for link feature in default bridge network and the Twisted X Boots WSD0034 Slide Womens gYKDvo2
for links functionality in user-defined networks.

Linux hosts use a kernel module called iptables to manage access to network devices, including routing, port forwarding, network address translation (NAT), and other concerns. Docker modifies iptables rules when you start or stop containers which publish ports, when you create or modify networks or attach containers to them, or for other network-related operations.

Full discussion of iptables is out of scope for this topic. To see which iptables rules are in effect at any time, you can use iptables -L . Multiple tables exist, and you can list a specific table, such as nat , prerouting , or postrouting , using a command such as iptables -t nat -L . For full documentation about iptables , see netfilter/iptables .

Typically, iptables rules are created by an initialization script or a daemon process such as firewalld . The rules do not persist across a system reboot, so the script or utility must run when the system boots, typically at run-level 3 or directly after the network is initialized. Consult the networking documentation for your Linux distribution for suggestions about the appropriate way to make iptables rules persistent.

Docker dynamically manages iptables rules for the daemon, as well as your containers, services, and networks. In Docker 17.06 and higher, you can add rules to a new table called DOCKER-USER , and these rules will be loaded before any rules Docker creates automatically. This can be useful if you need to pre-populate iptables rules that need to be in place before Docker runs.

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By CAMPER Rebowie Leather Chukka Boot fYYe9
, Public Opinion Mr Bryon Slide Sandal w8L6JLXjh

In the front-end community, there is a lot of attention related to documenting JavaScript. That's not so much the case with CSS. Often times I feel like lost when I join a project with minimal or no CSS documentation.

Even though CSS is relatively easy to write, it can be quite hard to maintain. The specificity , the global scope of everything, and the lack of guidance can easily lead to inconsistency, code duplication, and over-complication.

I've long been curious what a really well-documented CSS codebase looks like. Here, I'll share my experience, along with the expectations I have towards my vision of well-documented stylesheets.

It surprises me where I hear people say that commenting CSS is not that important. I imagine none of them have had to deal with 10,000+ line stylesheets! Often I've struggled with what HTML results in what specific style. Without having a solid context about the development decisions taken, debugging efforts increase. WTFs per minute increase exponentially too.

Many times I've spent hours to figure out what the developer intended, why she didn't do it the another way, why is this layout seemingly so complex. There is much pain buried in these "why" questions.

So, here we go! Let's examine the 4 big signs of a well-documented CSS codebase.

Haflinger Harmony e1qSh1
1) CSS Tech Stack Toolchain

There are likely things as part of our CSS code base like third-party libraries, mixins, or other tools. Looking in the package manager's dependencies list doesn't give a lot of context why the decisions were made to add these things, what they do exactly, and how we're using them.

It would be good for everyone to know why a certain library or tool was introduced. Imagine, for example, that a third-party library was introduced only to solve what has become an obsolete CSS issue. If we had context like that, we could make more informed decisions.

There sometimes can be quite a few third-party libraries in a project. Have you ever spent a bunch of time on web searching each one figuring out what it even is? It can be quite a challenge to know or to keep track of what each exactly does.

A well-documented codebase would include a description for each dependency. Perhaps you could include a tweet-length (140 characters) code comment explaining why it is there. That would give anyone else in the code base a head start on why something is there.

I like adding these descriptions right in the place where I @import them.

Good coding conventions result in consistent, readable, and unambiguous source code. They standardize the structure and coding style of an application so that you and others can easily read and understand the code.

Note that Josef SeibelSienna 03 CIDL1V
in the JavaScript interface is asynchronous, meaning JavaScript execution will not be blocked while Donald J PlinerDacio2 fpLwN
is processing the message.

When converting JavaScript arrays, any object properties whose name is not an array index are ignored. When passing arrays and objects, the entire reference graph will be converted and transferred. If the reference graph has cycles, the message will not be sent and an error will be logged to the console.


The following JavaScript code invokes HandleMessage , passing the instance on which it was invoked, with message being a string UGG Auburn Serape UGGpure Boot lFvAZqLB
containing "Hello world!"

Refer to The North FaceBase Camp Plus Mini HZwxK99cbZ
for sending messages to JavaScript.

Init() initializes this instance with the provided arguments.

This function will be called immediately after the instance object is constructed.

Lucky Brand Kalli HwBedILUB
determines if the instance is full-frame (repr).

Such an instance represents the entire document in a frame rather than an embedded resource. This can happen if the user does a top-level navigation or the page specifies an iframe to a resource with a MIME type registered by the module.

Logs the given message to the JavaScript console associated with the given plugin instance with the given logging level.

The name of the plugin issuing the log message will be automatically prepended to the message. The value may be any type of Var .

Logs a message to the console with the given source information rather than using the internal PPAPI plugin name.

The name must be a string var.

The regular log function will automatically prepend the name of your plugin to the message as the "source" of the message. Some plugins may wish to override this. For example, if your plugin is a Python interpreter, you would want log messages to contain the source .py file doing the log statement rather than have "python" show up in the console.

PostMessage() asynchronously invokes any listeners for message events on the DOM element for the given instance.

A call to PostMessage() will not block while the message is processed.

The instance then invokes PostMessage() as follows:

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